Our resident Chalky Paint is the staple to our Chalky Kit line-up. Available in 24 color options, this paint is perfect for completing a kit or refurbing your favorite piece of furniture. 

Our glazes are translucent, water-based colors that may be used over any water based stain or paint to create beautiful decorative finishes such as distressing, antiquing, rustics, shabby chic, burnishing, or a vintage look.

We offer our Chalky Glaze in 4 color options, including Heritage Brown, White Caps, Onyx, and Vineyard.


When using Chalky Glaze…

  • Always stir the contents well. Stirring distributes pigments that have settled to the bottom of the can.
  • Optional: Before applying glaze you have the option of top coating first, which will help you control the amount of color and facilitate the spreading of glaze over the surface. The Top Coat layer is smoother and less absorbent, allowing the glaze to slide across the surface. If you want a rustic look with more color, skip the Top Coat layer and apply the glaze directly to the paint.
    Let the final base coat dry 2-4 hours.
  • Apply the Glaze liberally with a foam brush or a damp Stain Cloth the entire section of your Paint It Chalky Kit or Furniture piece, keeping the surface wet with Glaze.
  • Wipe off excess with a damp stain cloth or dry stain cloth to achieve desired look. Do not use Tee-shirts. There is too much debris in clothing wear.
  • If you want to rework a section, simply rewet the surface with Glaze.
  • Work quickly, so that the Glaze color does not dry before finishing a section. If necessary, mask off smaller sections around raised areas such as bead board and moldings. Glazes dry fairly quickly, so plan your sections before beginning.
  • If working in high temperatures or low humidity, The Final Touch Glaze may be thinned with 10-20% water to improve open time for application.
    Let dry 2-4 hours. Apply Chalky & Company Top Coat for additional durability or to increase sheen.

Chalky & Company Painter’s Powder is an all-natural ingredient Chalky Product that can be added to any latex paint to create that “vintage” look you love.  There is minimal drying time and a little paint goes a long way. Painters Powder is designed to eliminate Sanding & Priming.

How do I mix Painter’s Powder with my choice of paint?

Creating your own custom chalky paint with our Painter’s Powder is easy! Simply add water, stir well and then add your desired paint color. Each package has suggested mixing instructions for either a small project size (Project) or a large project (Party). Painter’s Powder was created and specifically designed to be flexible, giving the option to create the final look desired. For a thick chalky paint look, simply add less water. For a smooth or shiny finish, just add more water.

How much does 1-4oz Exclusive Chalky & Company Painter’s Powder make?

The Petite sized Painter’s Powder can make up to two cups of any color of chalky paint. This is enough to paint an average sized desk or cabinet.

More About Painter’s Powder

  • Choose Any Color to create your custom “Chalky Paint”
  • 100% All-Natural Ingredients
  • Little to NO Sanding & Priming
  • Kid Friendly & Approved
    Made in the USA

Can I apply a Fiddes Wax over the Painter’s Powder?

Yes! It is STUNNING when used on furniture restoring projects. We offer two types of wax lines. We work closely with Fiddes Line in creating a Timeless look on your favorite furniture restoration product! We offer Ruggar Brown and Clear Wax.

How much Painter’s Powder comes in a package?

We offer two sized packages of Painter’s Powder, in 4-oz or 9-oz options.

What can I paint with Chalky & Company Painter’s Powder?

Our Painter’s Powder is ideal for all kinds of surfaces; wood, furniture, metal filing cabinets, aluminum, glass, tiles, rubber, plastic, fabric, and brick are just a few. If you want the MOST fun with our Painters Powder then we would love to for you to earn FREE product and Host a NIGHT of fun and choose your Paint It Chalky Kit and learn while your earn.

How many coats of paint are recommended when using Painter’s Powder?

If you want to distress your project with our Chalky & Company Glaze, we recommend one coat. However, for a completed look, we suggest two coats of chalky paint but it is not necessary. It depends on your preferred look. Immediately you will notice a little goes a long way!

Our crackle is used to crackela top layer of paint, cuasing cracks and imperfections that allow the paint color below to show through. 

Don’t forget about our other amazing Chalky products, including our Shine Paint (available in silver, gold and copper) , Chalkboard Paint, and Gel Stain options.