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Our Stencil Collection is designed and made in our Chalky Workshop. These one-time use vinyl stencils are designed specifically for use on wood.  Simply use and dispose! When applying your stencil, we recommend your first Chalky Paint coat to be the base color of the kit. This will properly seal itself on the kit. Wait 5 minutes to dry and apply your desired Stencil Chalky paint color. Let that color dry five minutes more and then peel off and dispose.

Our high-quality chalky paint and Painter’s Powder is specifically formulated by Chalky & Company.  Chalky & Company paint is water-based,  free of VOC’s and dries to the touch in minutes. Our Painter’s Powder can be added to any latex or acrylic paint to make your own chalky paint.  We source our glazes and top coat from a trusted partner.

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