We provide the Paint It Chalky Kits, Tips & Techniques and you bring the Love for spending time with those you love and we all create a one-of-a-kind chalky creation!



Follow the instructions found on each of our Petite or Grande Painters Powder & make your chalky paint



Let Dry 10-12 Minutes. After Base Coat is Dry, accent your edges or any part of your “paint -it chalky” piece with The Final Touch Glaze of your choice. Wipe off the excess Glaze giving your “paint-it-chalky” piece that Shabby or Vintage look you love!


Complete your look with your favorite Embellishments to compliment your office space, your living room or any room in your home.



Enjoy your “paint-it-chalky” piece knowing it was made for those you love, with Love!!

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