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Starter Kit Contents*
Paint It Chalky A Lot level 1
Paint It Chalky A Bunch level
Paint It Chalky A Little
It’s A Block Party level 2
1 – 9oz. Painter’s Powder
3 – 2oz. The Final Touch Glaze
1 – 2” Painter’s Brush
1 – Wood Shop Item
1 – Chalky & Company Apron
1 – Embellishment Pack
15 Catalogs
10 Order Forms
Chalky Guide
*Contents subject to change

Do you have a love for chalky paint and creation? Our Independent Consultants conduct their own home-based business by selling creative products that inspire people and give them helpful ways to simplify and be creative with their life projects. They teach their customers and hosts how to customize their chalky paint and “paint – it – chalky” with various techniques at home parties and workshops.

With the help of the home Chalky & Company team, Consultants create the life they want to lead!

To join an Independent Consultant and chalky paint your future...

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