Join Our Chalky Family

Starter Kit Contents 

(1) Paint It Chalky Kids Kit              (2)2oz Painter’s Choice Glaze 

(2) Paint It Chalky Kits                     (4) 2oz Painters Choice Paint

(2)4oz Painter’s Powder                   (1) 8oz Painters Choice Paint

(3)2oz Painter’s Powder                   (1)Paint It Chalky Woodshop Item

(2) Kit Foam Brush Sets                  (15) C&C Order Forms 

(1) Sanding Bar                                  (15)C&C Catalogs  

(1) Embellishment Pack                  C&C Starter guide + Apron

Bonus* Chalky & Company Independent Kit with Stencil 

Join Our Chalky Family” FAQ 


Q. Can I have my own Chalky & Company website?
A. Yes! Online sales and reorders are a big part of our business. You can subscribe to a Chalky & Company sponsored website so customers can order and reorder whenever it’s convenient for them. You will create your website address during the sign-up process. Your website subscription is FREE for the first 3 months after you sign up and $10 a month thereafter.

Q. Is there training available?
A. Absolutely! We will support you every step of the way! Chalky & Company has updates with the CEO Buffy Dumont every Monday at Noon!! It’s fun, exciting and informational! Your upline sponsor offers weekly training calls and training on techniques and “How to’s” on having a successful party. Keep in mind, NO EXPIRIENCE IS REQUIRED to be Chalky Creative. Our Products do it for YOU~

Q. What is the commission on a single product?
A. You can earn up to 30% on your own monthly sales and bonuses in leadership commissions on the team you build. You can pick your own hours, your own dates and your own lifestyle with Chalky & Company. We always encourage family values! AND to be part of a company so early,  growing your teams will build income and a future that will lead you to PAINT, POWDER & PARTIES!

Q. How do I get paid?
A. Chalky & Company issues your commission earned from the previous month on the 10th of each month. You simply have fun while getting paid to paint!

Q. What are the requirements to stay active?
A. To keep your account active, you are required to sell at least $150 once in a three month period.  The $150 must be within one calendar month and cannot be a combined 3 months period. For example: If you have sales of $50 in Jan, $125 in Feb & $100 in Mar, your consultant account will be deactivated. However, sales of $50 in Jan, $125 in Feb & $150 in March would keep you active since you met the requirement of at least $150 in one out of three months.

Q. How long has Chalky & Company been around?
A. Chalky & Company started in June 2015. For centuries the Chalky Paint look has never gone away or become outdated. Instead it has found a way to be included in the “newest craze” of every trend. We recognized this, knew in our hearts knew that we can build our very own product line that can be affordable and we wanted to bring that love to the very homes of our families. Life can be busy and we tend to isolate ourselves from the deserving fun we forget to have. Chalky & Company is a company built to put fun & memories back into our friendships and our families while providing a quality product line that our consultants can believe in and have passion for. What started as a simple party with CEO Buffy Dumont and her daughter Abby, is now thriving as a direct selling business and we don’t see that type of progress coming to an end. Your only regret is that you didn’t join sooner!