Our team at Chalky & Company is excited to roll out our new ordering process! We are putting the power back into your hands – build your kit from start to finish to customize it just how you’d like. Choose your wooden base, stencil, paints and more, and prepare to get crafty! Take a look below to see our new ordering process and build your kit. 

Step 1

Head to our Shop and visit the Step 1: Custom Wooden Base category. Peruse our Wooden Base selection and choose your favorite. Add to your cart!

Step 2

Next, go to the Step 2: Choose a Stencil category and find the perfect stencil for your base! Make sure to choose the one that properly fits the dimensions of your decor piece. Unsure? Chat with your Chalky Consultant – they’re here to help!

Step 3

Make your way to Step 3: Chalky Paint & More category to choose from our 20+ paint and glaze options. Grab a 2oz. 2-pack, perfect for one project, on average.

Step 4

Then, hop over to the Add a Step: Embellishments & Hardware category, and choose any add-ons that your heart desires! 

Step 5

Head to your cart. Make sure to notate if you will be attending a workshop (we will deliver to the workshop location) or be painting at home (we ship directly to your door)! Complete your checkout.

Step 6

Get ready to get CHALKY! Once your kit arrives, DIY your heart out and make sure to share your finished kit with us on Instagram @chalkycompany!

Ready to get started?