Hosting a workshop is one of the fun-filled way to bring Chalky & Company into your home! Within 2 1/2 hours, you will learn to refinish old furniture and Chalky Paint your customized Maine kit while connecting with friends and family.

When you host a Chalky & Company Workshop, your Chalky & Company Consultant will deliver a home party experience unlike any other! You and your guests will leave with a memory of fun, a customized “Paint-It-Chalky” kit and the skills, knowledge and confidence that will make you want to Paint-It-Chalky at home!

Ask your consultant how to receive your Paint-It-Chalky Kit for FREE!

Step 1

Pick the projects you want your workshop guest to choose from.

Step 2

Have your guests pre-register to reserve their seat and choose their selections of their Chalky & Company Project.

Step 3

Select your Hostess Rewards and have a great time at the Chalky Painting Workshop! Be sure to book your next workshop date/time to do this again!

Take a look at the commonly asked questions regarding hosting a Chalky & Company Workshop! Need more info? Reach out to your Chalky Consultant for additional details!

How Much Do Workshop Kits Cost?

Our Chalky & Company Kits not only have an affordable range from $10-$50 but also offer Kits for all ages from our Chalky kids to our Chalky elderly! No matter the age, we have so much fun! BUT WAIT! There is More! We also have above and beyond hostess rewards! Half Off Items and up to 15% of free Chalky & Company Products! Do you have more then 9 Guests? Let us reward you with a FREE Paint It Chalky Kit.

How Many Guests Must I Have at a Workshop?

We recommend 5 Guests or more to a workshop. The experience is untouchable with the more the merrier! That is because when a hostess has 9 or more paid spaces, they EARN a FREE Paint It Chalky kit of their very own!

How Do My Friends & Family Register?

  1. After choosing their Paint It Chalky Kit, they can contact your Chalky & Company Consultant directly for payment.
  2. They can join your Facebook Event and reserve their space directly with their Facebook Event Administration.
  3. After choosing their Kit,  they may send payment directly to their Host and secure their spot.  The hostess always works directly with their Chalky & Company Consultant.
  4. They may click on your Party link and order directly from the website.

I am Not Creative. Can I Still Attend A Workshop Paint It Chalky?

You DO NOT need to be Crafty to be Creative at our Chalky & Company Workshops. We lead you through instructional hands-on experience and you leave with a successfully completed kit that will become an absolutely stunning focal point in your home!