Chalky Means Family

My daughter Abby and I founded Chalky & Company

in 2015. We had one goal in our hearts – to bring those we love back together from that fast-paced life full of the “To Do Lists”.

The roots of our company now have been planted in homes across the United States, and this goal remains the heart of our Company.

At a Chalky & Company painting workshop, our customers learn great techniques and get the satisfaction of a job well-done.  They get to build their own look for every room in their home without any of their projects looking the same.

We are FAR MORE than a pallet and board company!  We have kits that offer ideal uses for kitchens, living rooms, baby rooms, dens and much more.

When you order a Chalky & Company project, you are receiving a quality product, handmade especially for you. Just like a handmade quilt, every kit we make is made with time and attention. This is what makes Chalky & Company unique – this is what makes Chalky & Company a household name.  We have spent 3 years building a brand with all facets of a business; Chalky Paint, Embellishments, Accessories, Brushes, Glazes, Gel Stains and over 30 Paint It Chalky Kits – all available in one place!  More importantly, our Consultants are very knowledgeable about our product line and how to instruct a Chalky & Company painting workshop.  Our guests leave with a finished home décor product they will be proud to display.  What more could we ask for?

We all have our “Why” when we set out to take on any adventure. By building Chalky & Company, we see the images captured from our workshops, and hear the stories from our Consultants.  We see our Consultants helping our customers regroup around the table, paint with friends and family, and feel the accomplishment of a completed project.  It is a beautiful thing, and that is my “Why”.

I send you all our Chalky & Company love.  It is a great honor to have you part of our lives.  After all, we are family.


With all our Chalky Love, 

The Chalky Story