Founded in 2015, Chalky & Company was started by CEO & Founder Buffy Dumont & her daughter, Abigail, when they were looking to spend more time together. Abby was smack dabbed in the middle of being a teenager, and their connection was becoming part of the electronics craze.

So, they began to create together. For hours at the kitchen table, they would paint furniture, wooden kits, and soon after created a Chalky Paint with 5 all-natural ingredients. Before long, word had spread about their kitchen table time painting and soon families and friends were looking to gather themselves around a table and do the same. Soon, they created affordable home décor that was leading trends while gathering those we love together!

Chalky & Company is a Maine-based brand striving to bring the joy of DIY into homes nationwide. With made in the USA products and an amazing team of consultants, they are proud to be an organization where creativity is encouraged and all are welcome.