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Our favorite part of any day is hearing the laughter of our five children, Ashley, Ethan, Chris, Abby and Ben. No matter where daily life finds us, the sound of their giggles and reminiscing is almost intoxicating. It is in these blessed moments that we feel the most at ease from the chaos of each day here in Maine.

When we sought to create Chalky & Company, we wanted to provide an experience that brought laughter to your tables and peace to your minds. Whether you are gathered with family and friends to bring your Paint it Chalky” kit to life or you are using our products to upcycle and reinvent that old piece of furniture, it is our hope that we evoke a memory to share as you explore your creative side.

To participate in a Chalky & Company party is to experience an environment of friendship and fun. An excuse for a gathering to serve as a reminder to be present, alive and happy while Painting, Powdering, and Partying. The core of our company doesn’t exist in writing but in the feeling of togetherness. We simply want you to enjoy life as we here at Chalky & Company.

To make this possible we offer a wide range of products where the only requirement is to share and be creative! And remember, you don’t have to be crafty to be creative!

With all our Chalky Love,

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